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Long length multifilamentary wire production has enabled Hyper

Tech to design and fabricate a series of MgB2 wound solenoid and racetrack coils.

Wind-and-react solenoid coils

Hyper Tech has fabricated several solenoid coils wound with long lengths of Nb/Cu/MonelTM -type multifilament wire employing a wind-and-react approach. That is, the MgB2 wire is wound onto the finished bobbin and reacted at 650 to 700 degrees C for 20 minutes and subsequently vacuum impregnated with epoxy.    

React-and-wind solenoid coils

Hyper Tech fabricated a demonstration solenoid coil using a react-and-wind approach; the bore size in this coil was 53 cm which is relevant to many applications including specialty MRI systems. The coil generated a field on axial of 0.12 Tesla at 20 Kelvin, which corresponded to predictions based on short sample wire results.  

Wind-and-react racetrack coils

Hyper Tech has fabricated more than 10 single-layer racetrack coils for a cryogenic rotor in a liquid helium-cooled superconducting generator demonstration. The racetrack coils were made using the wind-and-react approach. One coil reached 400 A at 4 Kelvin.  
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