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Energy Hyper Tech manufactures superconducting materials for various energy products.
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Fault Current Limters  A superconducting FCL is a device that uses superconductors to instantly limit electrical surges before they reach a circuit breaker. Wind Generator Turbines  A superconducting direct drive generator will minimize tower size and weight by substituting heavy iron with lightweight composites and will increase the power density of the wind turbine. Transformers Superconducting transformers will be smaller in size and weight and have lower AC losses compared with transformers fabricated using conventional copper wire. Transformers made with MgB2 superconducting wire will cost less to manufacture compared with using high-temperature superconductors. The operating costs for superconducting transformers in 30 MVA and larger sizes will also be less compared with conventional oil-cooled copper transformers. Superconducting transformers have several advantages over conventional transformers. First, there is more than a 30% reduction of total energy loss and more than a 45% reduction in total weight. This translates into at least a 20% reduction in total cost of ownership. Second is the elimination of oil from the transformer, which is an environmental concern with today's transformers. In addition to these attributes, the superconducting transformer may significantly benefit an entire electrical system by reducing the short circuit current and by having lower transformer impedance. Motors and Generators Superconducting motors and generators have several potential advantages compared with conventional wire. They can operate with a high power density, be lightweight, and occupy a relatively small volume. They are highly efficient and reliable as well. MgB2 wire can offer advantages in several of the motor and generator systems currently being demonstrated. In one design, the superconducting homopolar motor, MgB2 offers the potential for higher power densities and increased temperature margins compared with the alternative superconductors. Because of its intrinsic lighter weight, lighter weight field coils are possible. In the alternative superconducting rotor design, MgB2 offers a lighter weight motor and a much lower cost conductor than the high temperature superconductors now under test. SMES Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) is a technology that would store electricity from a power grid inside a coil. Large coils are required for these systems. The typical magnetic fields generated in them are in the 2 to 5 Tesla range. A low-cost superconductor is important because of the large amount of wire necessary. MgB2 superconductor has the potential to become the wire of choice because of its low cost and large temperature margin compared with alternative superconductors.
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